About | Rebecca Hawkins

Based near Andover in Wiltshire, Rebecca creates art which explores the strength and courage of women. Rebecca is especially interested in the notion of what it means to feel empowered for women who are born into more challenging environments, and of the concept of Physis: “the determination to grow and survive”, for women and girls across the world facing social and environmental hardship.

In 2015, Rebecca was commissioned to create the memorial to mark 200 years of Gurkha services to the British Armed forces, which was unveiled by Joanna Lumley. She was shortlisted for the prestigious PMSA Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture.

In 2008, Rebecca taught sculpture workshops for survivors of child trafficking for The Esther Benjamins Trust in Nepal for four months and participated in an outreach project for Merrill Lynch in 2008 for their “Turn It Off” campaign.

Rebecca Hawkins Speech | 11.06.19